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CBBA Foundation

Get certified to run your business and implement your business blueprint

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CBBA Master Mind

Tailored for CBBA graduates for transformational pricing & proposals.

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Certified C-Suite Coach

Certification for the hard, soft and resource skills needed to coach at the highest level.

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Your coaching 


Have you ever noticed how coaching is an isolating profession? 

Who do you talk vulnerably about your pricing? Who do you approach to partner with you for collaborations, or bring on because of their expertise to propel your business forward?

This is where the CBBA Master Mind Program delivers powerful community, masterful business coaching, and a conglomerate of coaches prepared to celebrate your wins alongside you, hold you accountable to your commitments and help you navigate through the storms.

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When a group of individual minds are coordinated and function in harmony, the increased energy created through that alliance becomes available to every individual in the group.

Therein lies the underpinning of our Coach Master Mind.


In a Master Mind our Foundation is our collective entry point. Most Master Minds have either graduated the Coach Business Building Academy Foundation Course or are veteran coaches with business building experience.


Each coach is invited to join the program based on their application to the program. 

The Master Mind Program is for you if

  • you long for a community of coaches

  • you can share your pricing, programs and challenges openly and vulnerably

  • you are currently bring in engagements $10k+/month

  • you would benefit from accountability


The Intention of the Master Mind is to share vulnerably our wins, our expansion ideas, our lows and our pricing and programs for support and challenge from the community.


Our coaches are a intimate community so we are picky about who we let into our Master Mind. 


We meet once a month (online or in-person) and have a learning program with some in-person events (for fellowship over activities, food, drinks and business teachings)

Meeting at the office

The Program Outline

Master Minds

If you are a right fit for our Master Mind program, you'll be invited to a conversation about your vision to see if we'd be a good fit and if the Master Mind is the right community for you.

Coach Conversation: If you are the type of coach who is already successful in your practice or are growing a successful business steadily closing $15 - 25k in coaching engagements, schedule a conversation where we can discuss if your needs can be met in this intimate Master Mind group.

Group Sessions: Each Master Mind has an average number of eight participants and meets once a month together with a Business Coach for actionable takeaways. (Some of these meetings are in person or hybrid with yearly retreats included.)

Individual Session: Participants meet 1:1 with a Business Coach for tailored business results

Investment: Minimum levels of engagement are $15k with most one on one clients paying between $10 and $50k while seeing a FULL return on their investment partway through our engagement.

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Nancy, TX

“I love how Lizette has intentionally created this space for us. We don't want just any joker in here and I'm glad I have these coaches that support me along the way as I close my C-Suite clients."

Eric, CA

"Lizette always overdelivers. ALWAYS.
Just shut up and hire her!"

Lindsay, TX

“I had an epiphany after my first meeting with the Master Minds and over the weekend found myself ready to pivot my business into the corporate space.”

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About your Coach

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Coach Business Building Foundations

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