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Leader As Coach

Helping leaders learn coaching skills stems from experimenting with coaching skills as an executive. Being a successful coach dedicated to unlocking the potential of individuals, teams and the senior executives leading them my clients benefit from my Profesional-Coach certification as well as hands on expertise as an executive leader turned coach. As Instructor of Record for the Executive Coaching Program at the University of Texas Dallas School of Management, I help equip the next generation of coaches with skills to elevate the performance of each client. The secret isn’t telling but facilitating new thinking, something each leader can learn to elevate their game.

Executive Insights

Each executive's journey is unique but the common components are strong communication, presentation and strategic thinking skills, coupled with a compelling brand where each executive brings their unique value proposition. Over my extensive healthcare career, I served as a healthcare scientist turned product manager to director to executive leader serving on a high performing executive leadership team. 

We built a business from scratch, created a high performing team, and delivered AI powered software and products in a highly competitive and highly regulated field. 

High performing teams don't happen by accident. They are purposefully created, nurtured and sustained. When they come to life, the entire organization benefits.

Business meeting

Speak Your Language

When we meet, we’ll talk business, not coaching. The fundamental difference in my approach is it's more about you and less about me. You know your business as no one else can, and building on that I’ll provide you a foundation to get you where you want to go, faster and more confidently. My expertise is human behavior in the context of today’s business environment.

Results seen in my clients is that, after taking the first step, they continue building, growing, rising and succeeding. Once they learn how to raise the bar, they’ll never stop.


I’m totally invested in their success and will be in yours.

Resources You Can Use

Resources are part of growth and development. Creating emotionally healthy and productive spaces is crucial for high performance teams. I wrote Power, Poise and Presence to help leaders show up as their very best selves.


This resource is packed with coaching skills for leaders with a very simple implementation. Part of being a professional coach is staying abreast of the latest high performance research which means you'll be exposed to a number of fresh resources that you'll have at your fingertips.


Resource recommendations for leaders, coaches and facilitators are provided with affiliate links and discounts for you here.

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