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Are you dreaming of writing a book people love to read? Would you like to learn how to grab the attention of your ideal reader so that your book lands, launches and lifts your ideal readers out of their comfort zone and into your book.

What would it be like when you publish, if you had a ready list of fans eager to read your work?

It's never too early,

it's never too late

If you've already published your book but haven't experienced the success you imagined it's not too late to HOOK you reader.


If you are thinking of starting your author journey, now is the time to start hooking your readers so that when you publish your work, your fans are eagerly awaiting your book.


Meet an Author

I wrote a book, grew a fan base, published my book and reached best-seller status within a week of publishing.

I'm ashamed to say I didn't know my hook very well. I didn't know how important a hook was for an author. When fans liked my book, it was hard for them to describe because it was hard for me to describe.

When I was asked to pitch my book I stumbled.

However success followed because I worked HARD, like really hard, like the kind of hard that no one should work to get to success.

So can you hit success without a book hook? YES, but it's more work. I want to help you avoid the mistakes I made. I want to help you like I helped author #2.

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Organizing Books

Meet Author 2

Author 2 had a growing fan base from nurturing his writing career. He published his book and 6 months after publishing hadn't hit a best-seller list. However he knew his hook.


He had honed his hook over months of book signings.


So when someone posted a video of him pitching his book, he instantly became a world-wide #1 best-seller and has gone on to sell over 100k copies of his book.

All this from perseverance, kindness and one awesome book hook I helped him hone.

His hook was so well honed that his fans started pitching his book with that same hook.

That's what I want for you.

Authors: Hook Your Readers

Authors are skilled at hooks. You have to write one in every page but when it comes to promoting your work with your audience that's a different type of hook and medium, which is why even the bestselling authors sell on average 3,000 lifetime copies of their books. What if you could do better?

What if you could get a simple framework to use on auto pilot to hook your readers before your book ever publishes?

As a business advisor to entrepreneurs, and wife of best-selling debut author, Shawn M. Warner of Tik-Tok and Today Show fame, I help authors stand out, hook their readers and get their books sold, before (or after) the book drops.

In the Hook Your Reader Mastermind and Guide, you'll learn 

  • the key to go from rejection to success when promoting your book

  • three different formulas for marketing your reader hook

  • how to identify your brand so you stand apart from every other author

  • ways to easily market your book on social media

  • secrets to easy content creation made especially for authors

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Book your Mastermind Today

Act now and get over $750 in value, save over a week in trying to figure out how to hook your reader and use this simple way to snag your reader before you even write one word of your book.

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