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About our Founder

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Meet our team

Lizette Warner, PhD PCC

Lizette has over 10 years of experience coaching founders and leaders. Lizette uses a holistic neurolinguistic approach to get clarity for clients, hone executive presence and help heart centered leaders grow their business. Clients working with Lizette learn how to free up time on their calendars - on average 5-10 hours a week.

Certifications: Professional Certified Coach, Gallup Strengths, 360 Assessments, Agile, Yoga Teacher Certification, Mentor Coach

Specialties: Business coaching, High Performance, Branding and Holistic (I coach the whole person.)

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Eric Oleson, PCC

Eric has over 30 years of experience coaching leaders in the non profit and for profit space for strategic action. If you're not sure what’s wrong, lost your vision or are tired of working so hard for so little result, Eric can help you and your organization find renewed vision and develop strategies to fulfill that vision.

Certifications: Professional Certified Coach, Gallup Strengths, Core Strengths, IDAK, Taylor Johnson Temperment Analysis

Specialties: Developing strategies to clarify and fulfill your vision, High priority results

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Lindsay Preston, PCC

Lindsay has over 10 years of experience coaching at the highest levels within organizations.

Lindsay uses a proprietary neuroscience-backed coaching process, tied into her individualized, supportive and empowering coaching style with over 85% of clients renewing every year because they’re addicted to the growth they achieve working with Lindsay.

Certifications: Professional Certified Coach, Enneagram

Specialties: Increasing performance (Organizational, Individual and team), Lowering stress levels, Fast Results


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Lauren Vosbein, PCC

Lauren has over 10 years of experience coaching people to take the next big step. If you're in a toxic workplace or feel foggy, stuck, or fearful, Lauren can help. Lauren will help you live big, have clarity, be unstoppable and feel inspired.

Certifications: Professional Certified Coach, Positive Intelligence

Specialties: Turning Toxic into Non-Toxic, Identifying and slaying saboteurs


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Nancy McGruder, Ed.D

Nancy has over 20 years of experience coaching at the highest organizational executive levels with an extensive background in education including her doctorate. Nancy is a C-Suite Coach skilled at working with the highest level of leaders in organizations. Nancy is also the Founder of BYBOD, a 501c3 organization dedicated to helping women of color build their boards of directors for professional, career and personal support.

Certifications: 360 Assessments, Brain based Coaching, DEI in the workplace, Business Foundations

Specialties: Direct impact, transformational change

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Brittany, BCHM, CPT

Brittany has over 10 years of experience in nutrition, health and personal training. Brittany began researching diet and exercise when diagnosed with a digestive disease. 


As a firm believer that food and movement are the best medicines, Brittany tailors fitness, nutrition and training lifestyle solutions for her clients, that are easy, and enjoyable without having to stress about meticulously tracking or adhering to unrealistic lifestyle changes.

Certifications: Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist,  NASM-Certified Personal Training, Pre and Postnatal Fitness, and Precision Nutrition

Specialties: Transformational change through nutrition, wellness, and physical fitness. Weight management.

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