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Certified C-Suite Coach

Certification for the hard, soft and resource skills needed to coach at the highest level.

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C-Suite Coaching


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When you coach at the C-Suite, credentials don't matter. Harsh but true.

To coach at the C-Suite, what matters is your experience in the C-Suite and your experience having coached at the C-Suite level. What if you don't have C-Suite experience? All the ICF Credentials in the world won't necessarily help you land C-Suite clients and here's the problem:

You can't get hired to coach as a C-Suite coach because you haven't coached at the C-Suite level. It's a circular problem.

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Coaching at the Highest Executive Level

It takes more than a credential to coach a client at the highest level of an organization, any organization be it a Fortune 10, 50, 100 or 5000 company.

Coaches need a whole host of hard, and soft skills as well as access to C-Suite level resources you can share with your C-Suite clients. The expectations and demands on a coach are different at the C-Suite level. 

Coaches have to be prepared to partner deeply and deliver exceptional customer service from in-person support, after hours access, recommendations from anything from housekeeping to vacations. C-Suite coaches are coaches in the know.

Hard Skills

Every C-Suite Coach leverages their hard skills in acquiring and attracting clients. In Certified C-Suite Coaches know what hard skills they can leverage and how to leverage those in attracting and closing C-Suite engagements. 

Soft Skills

Certain soft skills are absolutely mandatory for a coach to be successful coaching at the C-Suite level.

In the Certified C-Suite Coach Program, you will hone your C-Suite soft skills and will demonstrate these as well begin developing a portfolio of work demonstrating your talent.

Emotional Intelligence on Steroids

If you aren't prepared to level up your emotional intelligence, this program is NOT for you.


Coaches in the Certified C-Suite Program will

  • learn to hone vulnerability as a super-power

  • practice handing strong and extreme emotions 

  • get to the point, fast

Coaching Skills

While coaching at the C-Suite isn't all about coaching skill, your coaching skills and competencies will lift.

Coaches may be eligible for up to 40 CCEUs as part of this program.

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The Program Outline

Certified C-Suite Coach

If you are coach with 5-10 years of experience coaching, have your ACC, PCC or MCC coaching credential and believe you are ready to coach at the C-Suite level, we invite you to apply to the Certified C-Suite Coach Program.

Apply to the waitlist: If you are a fit for the program, you will be invited to a conversation with an established C-Suite coach for an application interview.

Acceptance: If an offer to join the Certified C-Suite Program is extended, a deposit will secure your enrollment.

Group Sessions: Participants will meet on location for program delivery under the direction of a team of Certified C-Suite coaches

Individual Session: Participants meet 1:1 with a Certified C-Suite Coach for tailored C-Suite mentorship

Investment: Minimum levels of engagement are $35k and includes travel costs, housing, meals, and airport transfers.

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