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Coach Business Building Academy: The Road to Five Zeros

Are you a coach, speaker or consultant and want to learn how to price your engagements with a heart centered approach, avoid the sales-y icks and price to never leave money on the table again? 

Sound impossible? What if I told you it's easier than you think.

In our Coach Business Building Academy you'll get the framework, strategies and community to find YOUR voice, grab YOUR audience and start building YOUR business without dropping loads of dough on tools, strategies, and techniques that don't work.

Made for Coaches by ICF-certified Coaches!


The Mastermind Program

A neighborhood of coaches and entrepreneurs learning how to brand and price for success + accountability

Authors: Hook Your Readers

Authors are skilled at hooks. You have to write one in every page but when it comes to promoting your work with your audience that's a different type of hook and medium, which is why even the bestselling authors sell on average 3,000 lifetime copies of their books. What if you could do better?

What if you could get a simple framework to use on auto pilot to hook your readers before your book ever publishes?

As a business advisor to entrepreneurs, and wife of best-selling debut author, Shawn M. Warner of Tik-Tok and Today Show fame, I help authors stand out, hook their readers and get their books sold, before (or after) the book drops.

In the Hook Your Reader Mastermind and Guide, you'll learn 

  • the key to go from rejection to success when promoting your book

  • three different formulas for marketing your reader hook

  • how to identify your brand so you stand apart from every other author

  • ways to easily market your book on social media

  • secrets to easy content creation made especially for authors

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