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Lessons from Female Founders so you can thrive amid fear

When female owned companies show a return on investment 35% greater than male founded and run companies, why do female founded companies receive less than 2% of venture capital funding?

Women business owner

Savvy investors are signing up to become angel investors. Movies like Show HER the Money is trying to bring awareness to the plight of Female Founders.

But there's another darker plight of Female Founders. As a coach and thought partner to a variety of Female Founders I can attest to the internal and external demons women fight on the road to success.

Lessons in FEAR from female founders

The one commonality all of my Female Founders have in spades is fear.

I've repeatedly rescued Female Founders from the proverbial ledge. When there's little support, little to no money, and you're facing a crew who believe in your mission and are counting on their paycheck, support or money doesn't matter — failure is not an option but he's a relentless ex-lover that won't go away.

Even if you want him to go away, you long for him to come back, even when he makes you feel small because at least you aren't alone anymore.

For some he becomes the reminder of why you're dong what you're doing and he becomes the reason you're willing to walk in discomfort of the unknown because it propels you further away from him and into your true self, the one that knows success is but an inch away, even when that inch is a mile long.


"Just get a job." | "Are you doing this until you start a family/get married?"

Both of these are statement spoken to female founders. Often women get little support from well meaning family, friends and past colleagues and from mean spirited ones. When you're doing something that's never been done before, there is no playbook to follow. Female Founders are in a class by themselves. Not getting venture capital fundings, they strike out on their own.

Some crowdfund, market to raise awareness, or seek out angel investors to make their businesses successful all while dragging the judgement of others behind them.

So what can we learn from Female Founders?

Here's a lesson from female founders that can help you thrive:

Feel the fear and do it anyways.

Do it scared.

Do it unemployed.

Do it with support.

Do it without support.

Do it without the proper funding.

Do it without the resources.

Do it with the judgements.

Do it scrappy.

Do it messy.

There is no wrong way to do what's never been done before. Show us the way. Everyone else will follow.

About me

I’m Lizette Warner, author of this post and rescuer of bold, huge aspirational, big vision female founders. If you are a female founder, book some time for us to connect. I'd love to learn more about you and how I can support your big, bold, aspirational visions. I also teach coaches how to get clients and stop leaving money on the table in the Coach Business Building Academy.

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