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Business Presentation with Headset
Business Coaching

Lifting the performance for business leaders, entrepreneurs, speakers, and coaches.

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Colleagues at Work
Executive Coaching

Tailored for senior executives and high potential leaders.

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Custom workshops, assessments lifting brand excellence.

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Business Meeting

Your coaching business blueprint

Coach Business Building Academy

Starting any business is tough, requiring skills and training that on the surface seem opposed to being a heart-centered coach and business owner. 

The Academy is a Business Building School teaching transformational business skills, so you can make progress in your business, while getting support and accountability building your coaching business in line with your values.

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Running a business to a thriving one requires new skills, habits and continual strategic support. Instead of winging it, you can have a framework to guide your growth.


While clients may choose to work 1:1 or as a hybrid (group and 1:!) approach, the program covers four distinct stages. Each is hugely important and builds upon the previous one, creating a comprehensive approach to developing your strong, authentic business blueprint. 


We establish a comprehensive foundation for your business, from your why to what to how so you'll never guess what approach is best for you.

Based on your comprehensive foundation you'll learn how to leverage platforms, logistics, processes, budgeting, and your mindset to take your business from first gear to being a well oiled machine. This includes your unique value proposition and the core message you want to convey to each client.


In the strategy phase we identify your target audience and formulate your unique strategy. We understand the needs, and challenges of your customer and how you can address them.

You'll learn how to craft your specific offer. You'll learn about pricing so you can price your offer, and you'll learn how to close your sales.


During implementation we ensure you reflect your brand consistently. You'll learn foundational copywriting skills to craft your signature pitch, attract your dream client, and build your signature voice. Implementation begins to showcase your unique expertise and values.


During the evolution stage we fine tune your plan with accountability and next steps.

Crucial in business development is to be open to adapting your approach. The marketplace is dynamic; your business will need to grow and evolve as you gain more experience and insights.

The Hybrid Coaching Progam Outline

Elevate Your Business Acumen in Eight Weeks

In under eight weeks you'll be ready to raise your rates and close clients through self-paced study, group sessions, individual work with a business coach and accountability.


Self-paced Study: The self-paced study modules are divided into 4 segments. Students can opt to take all of the learning modules at once or spread them out.

Group Sessions: Each cohort has an average number of eight participants and meets 2x a month with a Business Coach.

Individual Session: Participants meet 1:1 with a Business Coach at least 4 times over the span of the business building program and I'll support you until you at least earn your investment back. That's my risk free guarantee to you.

Bonuses: When paying in full students get a private intensive Business Coaching Strategy call to kick-start their progress. Students also receive as course bonuses:

  • Done for you templates to accelerate your learning(email, lead magnet, and email prompts)

  • Business mindset workbook to think differently so you can get those clients

  • 30 day frameworks to fill your client roster fast

  • Catching and Closing Clients through you irresistible powerful offer

  • How to elevate your coaching offerings through assessments

Investment: Minimum levels of engagement are $5k with most one on one clients paying between $10 and $50k while seeing a full return on their investment before our engagement ends.

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Open Notebook

Stacy, NY

“I got my money's worth. You will take out of this what you are prepared to put into it.
Lizette won't do the work for you and the only way you'll fail is if you fail to implement your blueprint."

Eric, CA

"Lizette is practical, honest, and gave me profound actionable insights. I closed TWO high five-figure clients within the span of a week.
Hire her!"

Loren, TX

“Lizette creates a beautiful container where we can share vulnerably, leading to transformation.
I went from charging $250 an hour to virtually unlimited. I closed my first five figure client by changing absolutely NOTHING in my offer. In the past I would have over-loaded the offer.”

The CBBA Workbooks

Not sure if you're ready

I get it. Eight weeks is a huge commitment. Is it worth it? Will I be chasing another shiny object?

That's why I make one of the workbooks in the CBBA available for purchase. The other one is only available with the purchase of the Get Clients Fast 30 Day Framework.

Get Clients Fast - 30 Day Frameworks

In this workbook you'll explore three different 30 day frameworks for getting clients quickly. You will walk through day by day, the plan to $5k+. I have seen these frameworks used to get coaches to $5-10k months.

I have personally used a couple of these frameworks. They work!

Catch and Close Clients Framework (only available with the purchase of the Get Clients Fast 30 Day Framework)
You'll learn:

  • A 4 step framework to make a powerful client offer

  • Four MUST have's in your offer

  • A clear, concise and compelling way to put your offer forward

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About your Coach

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Brand Development

Clapping Audience


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