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1 Way to Improve Your Corporate Ladder Climbing Odds

Updated: Mar 6

Skills, degrees and training alone won't get you and keep you in the highest levels of leadership.

Your secret weapon for climbing the corporate ladder is a leadership team.

What is a Leadership Team?

A leadership team is a group of leaders that helps leaders carry the load of leadership. They

  • help leaders make decisions

  • provide different perspectives

  • challenge the leader's assumptions

Why it matters:

The most taxing part of leadership is decision making. The more decisions a person makes the worse the decision making gets. This is concept known as decision fatigue.

Your quality of decisions decreases with the more decisions you make. Leaders are tasked with making decisions. Decision making comes with leadership territory. This is where an authentic leadership team can help.

Going Deeper:

According to Harvard Business Review, Corporations spend over $365 Billion on Leadership development but the results are lackluster. You can take as many trainings as you like but having a leadership team around you, can help you move faster, with less stress, more support and more robust solutions.

Most Leadership trainings are about leadership - teaching ideas, sharing best practices, and increasing knowledge. But successful people rarely become better leaders because they know more. They become better leaders because they follow through on what they know.
— Peter Bregman

A leadership team can help leaders identify what they know and follow through on

  • Hiring and firing

  • Navigating the fallout of mergers and acquisitions

  • Handling Organizational changes

  • Engaging in tough feedback

  • Handling conflict in the workplace

  • Managing politics skillfully

  • Navigating your next personal or career step

Benefits of Leadership Teams:

Leaning into effective leadership habits while you are in the middle of firing a key employee, handling conflict or navigating the politics of the organization while determining your next career step, can be challenging. It's not only complicated but it can be unsettling and frightening.

Choose to have an authentic leadership team by your side before you find yourself in a stressful situation.

How to find a leadership team:

Once you rise into leadership, you may find yourself a part of a leadership team but work leadership teams are focused around the business and less about your needs as a leader. Here's how you can make sure you have a leadership team around you before you need one:

  • recruit one yourself

  • if you are a VP or C level woman leader, you can join the wait list to join Chief

  • join an authentic leadership team

Bottom Line:

If you want to climb the corporate ladder, sooner or later you'll experience what it's like being on a leadership team. If you want to improve your odds of climbing the corporate ladder, get on a leadership team as soon as possible.

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