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How to make money and resurrect lost clients. Let me show you The Magic Template.

The Magic Template

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I learned this from Blair Enns who works with PR and other Creatives. I love it so much that I decided to show coaches and consultants how to use this to win back business, customers, and reduce your mental anxiety over coaching prospects who have ghosted you with a magic template.

You know the prospect. You met, created a vulnerable container where they shared their deepest wish. Together you crafted a future outcome they were excited about and together you figured out what value this would create in their life. You provided some pricing guidance or walked them through a proposal or an engagement and then suddenly, crickets.

It happens more than people like to admit. It happens to the professionals. It happens to the newbies. It happens to everyone. So let's normalize this. It IS NOT YOU. When it comes to change, our clients are no different than us. They get busy, emergencies happen, they get scared. Don't let that stop you from closing the loop with your prospective customers.

Take the emotion out of it - completely. Use this template to resurrect lost prospects, get a response from a ghost or connect with someone who's avoided you.

You may at this point, want to do the opposite of this template but trust me or at least trust the process.


  • send them a polite message asking about their family

  • provide more free resources or free coaching

  • make excuses for your prospective customer's behavior

  • look for an answer - seriously, let it GO

Instead remove the emotional component fully, and let your prospect go. I promise you this is where magic happens.

Here's the magic template:

If it's an email thread, hit reply. Change the subject heading and copy and past the email, changing the appropriate entries.

If you're following up with a voicemail, text, DM, Whatsapp or via social media, the structure is the same:


Subject: Closing The Loop

Hi [FirstName],

I haven’t heard back from you on [coaching opportunity / project] so I’m going to assume you’ve gone in a different direction or your priorities have changed.

Let me know if I can be of assistance in the future.

[Your usual sign off],

[Your Name]


Voila. Send. Let it go. Watch what happens.

One of three things will happen and we'll get to that in a minute. On a deeper level here's what that message does:

  • You removed emotion. This is just business.

  • You are not seen as needy, asking about their family/business or giving something for nothing. Instead you are completely practical.

  • You're emotionally intelligent: I see what's going on here and you've decided we're not doing business together. You dear prospect can't voice it so I will. No hard feelings. Call me if things change.

What'll happen

1. Yes, you're right!

“Yes, I've moved on. ( to the coach that wasn't so needy - Ouch!) I was just about to tell you.”

Your business coach would say: This engagement wasn't yours. This engagement is closed / lost or no longer viable and they didn’t tell you. Now you can move on, stop wasting your energy and time over a lost engagement.

2. Whoa there!

“Actually, we had a family / business emergency and I need a little more time before I can get back to you.”

Your business coach would say: This engagement is still warm/hot and you can be the one who might get away if they don't close soon. Your roster may fill and since you separate personal from business and call it like you see it, you'll have no problem stepping away and now your potential client knows it too. Can you say boundaries?

Don't discount the psychological effect of this "unemotional retreat" as Blair says it "can be staggering in its effectiveness." Your prospect may even feel guilty about not having responded to you.

3. Crickets

In coaching this might be the most common response. This is very personal for your client. They've just vulnerably opened up to you and now you know on top of whatever they came to see you for, that they desperately need help understanding how to have 'hard' conversations - and this one wasn't even a hard conversation. It's business, but for your clients, it's very personal and this even accentuates why they might need a coach.

Your business coach would say: You have closed the loop for both you and your prospect, reducing stress and anxiety that having an open loop caused for BOTH of you. However this client is not fully lost. All this demonstrates is your prospect may need you to have the hard skill of facilitating closing the engagement conversation. Work with your business coach to shore up this skill.

I'm Lizette Warner,

A headshot photo of Dr. Lizette Warner wearing dark glasses in an orange silk shirt

an experience healthcare executive and CTO with years of marketing, and sales expertise. I became a business coach when female & male founders started seeking my input to help them grow or pivot. My clients get strategic clarity for growth and a partner fully invested in their success.

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