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How biomarkers brighten your future and make you promotable

Updated: Mar 6

Have you ever thought that you are confident when you do something and do it well? What if you have it backward? What if you could make confidence appear and what if you had control over when confidence shows up?

What if confidence is something you can wield, like picking up a pair of nun-chuks? Interested yet?

🎙️ For the audio version, listen to the episode on the Lighthearted Leadership podcast, season 2, episode 9. For a deeper look into biomarkers, check out the Empowering Workplaces podcast episode where we talk all things biomarkers, here.

What are Biomarkers

What are biomarkers? A biomarker is a measurable substance or characteristic that indicates a biological state or condition. In layman's terms, biomarkers are measurable substances indicating the presence or absence of something. There are several different types of biomarkers:

  • histological

  • molecular

  • radiographic

  • physiological

The biomarkers I use as a scientist the most are the radiographic kind - MRI images, CT and Xray images. The ones I use in leadership development as an executive coach are physiological. Your temperature is a biomarker. So is your blood pressure. The kinds of physiological biomarkers you have are linked to physiological states like sensations and emotions.

I teach my clients, those who ask or are interested, that everyone has biomarkers. You can explore your biomarkers for leadership presence, confidence, and harmony. Knowledge is power. Once you know your biomarkers, you can become aware of how you are using them or letting yourself be ruled by them.

Reversible Biomarkers

Physiological biomarkers unlike radiographic or histological or molecular biomarkers, are a two way street. Radiographic, histologic or molecular biomarkers are a one way street. For example x-ray images will tell you if your bones are broken or not but the x-ray image won't unbreak your bones. You can't take your temperature and then magically change your temperature with the instrument that measured your temperature.

Here is where physiological biomarkers differ. Physiological biomarkers are a two way street. A leads to B which leads to C which leads to the fact that I have no confidence.

It might go like this

  • A: I give a lecture.

  • B: The audience doesn't receive it well, so I think.

  • C: I decide I'm terrible at giving lectures.

  • I have no confidence.

Since it's a two way street I might instead reconsider

  • I am great at giving lectures before I give my lecture.

  • The audience isn't displaying emotions to me because I have made them think deeply.

  • I take their silence as affirmation that my skills are superb.

  • I walk away with the confidence that never left me.

Where do the biomarkers come into this story? They are there from the beginning. Perhaps in the first scenario, I already doubted myself and in the second scenario I used my biomarkers to show up the way I needed to, knowing that I am stellar at giving lectures.

I talk about this more on the podcast and in my book, Power, Poise, and Presence. If you want to take this biomarker learning further, get the free 10 Brilliant Points: How to be the one everyone admires workbook or purchase your copy of Power, Poise, and Presence.

My coaches and business owners use biomarkers to help them show up with confidence and grow their business the right way.

All my best,


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