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A Straightforward Mid-Year Business Assessment for Female Founders, Coaches, and Consultants: Part 1

As the summer sun reaches its zenith, it's the perfect time for a mid-year business assessment! This isn't just any business check-in—it's a celebration of how far you've come and a strategic look ahead. Whether you're a first-time business owner, a coach, or a consultant, this guide will help you make the second half of the year even more spectacular. Ready to dive in? This mid-year assessment is straightforward, fun, and highly informative!

If you haven't already downloaded your Mid-Year Business Assessment, download it here.

Straightforward Business Assessment Part 1: Focus and Self-Assess Four Key Areas

Revisit the goals you set at the beginning of the year. Break them down into categories.

1. Strategic Mission, Vision & Value Proposition 🌟

Your mission, vision, and value proposition are the foundation of your business.

  • Mission: Does your mission statement still resonate with you and your business? Make sure it reflects your core purpose and passion.

  • Vision: Is your vision statement inspiring and forward-looking? It should outline where you see your business in the future.

  • Value Proposition: Is your value proposition clear and compelling? Ensure it communicates the unique benefits you offer to your clients.

If you are a coach, your value proposition is NOT coaching. In the Business Building Academy, this is the repeated mistake coaches and consultants make. Customers do not purchase coaching. Customers purchase something that gives them pleasure, removes pain or avoids risk. In short customers buy something of value.

I paid for a health and nutrition coach. She coaches me but I didn't buy coaching. What I really purchased was her expertise to help me lose fat and gain muscle.

My customers buy pricing, strategy and sales expertise to grow (get clients). The way I accomplish their goals is through the Business Building Academy and 1:1 coaching. Not one single client of mine purchases coaching from me.

Each of my Academy participants 100% get coaching but what they really get is my expertise to help them build their business with confidence, assurance and peace of mind knowing they'll grow with a trusted partner alongside them to review their proposals to stop leaving money on the table, break through the mental clutter getting in the way of progress, hold them accountable and with a community of other heart centered action oriented coaches.

2. Lead Generation & Nurturing 🚀

Leads are the lifeblood of your business. Do you know how you get your most relevant leads? Reflect on your lead generation and nurturing strategies.

  • Lead Sources: Identify the channels that are bringing in the most leads. Double down on what’s working and explore new opportunities.

  • Nurturing: How effective have you been at nurturing leads? Implement personalized follow-ups and value-driven content to build strong relationships.

3. Operations ⚙️

Efficient operations are crucial for smooth business functioning. What are your operations like?

  • Processes: Review your operational processes. Are there any bottlenecks or inefficiencies? Streamline workflows and automate repetitive tasks.

  • Tools: Are you using the best tools for your business? Explore new tools that can enhance productivity and efficiency.

4. Closing Sales 💸

Your sales process determines your revenue.

Conversion Rate: Yes, this one is simple and straightforward. Analyze your sales conversion rate. Identify any gaps in your sales funnel and address them.

Better Sales Metric:

Sales Techniques: Are your sales techniques effective? Experiment with new approaches and refine your pitch based on feedback.

Straightforward Business Assessment Part 2: Build Out the Rest of the Year

With the insights from part 1 of your business assessment, it’s time to plan for the next six months. You have experienced certain market conditions. You have observed how your competition is moving and you have hopefully gathered important intelligence on how your prospective customers are reacting to your products and services.

With all of that in mind, it's time to set short, mid and long term goals. I am assuming you know how to set SMART goals: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. If you need a refresher, there are several guides to setting smart goals.

Set New Goals: Based on your assessment, set new or revised short-term to long-term goals.

  • Short-Term Goals: What do you want to achieve in the 1-2 months? Be specific and realistic. These goals may be 2-3 specific goals that you may already have in progress.

  • Mid-Term Goals: What are no more than 1-2 goals for 3-4 months from now?

  • Long-Term Goals: What is one key aspiration for your end of the year? Aim high but stay grounded in your current capabilities.

Action Plan: Simply by creating these SMART goals, you are creating a detailed action plan with clear steps, deadlines, accountability and responsibilities. Next up is breaking down your goals into manageable tasks.

Straightforward Business Assessment Part 3: Assess and Re-allocate Your Time

Your time is one of your most valuable resources. Reflect on how you’ve been using it and make necessary adjustments.

  • Time Analysis: Track your time spent on different activities in the first half of the year. Identify areas where you spent too much or too little time based on value gained. Sounds simple, right? It is not.

  • Re-allocation: Based on your new goals, re-allocate your time to support your priorities.

  • High-Impact Activities: Focus more on activities that drive growth, such as lead generation, client engagement, and strategic planning.

  • Delegation: Delegate tasks that don’t require your personal attention to free up time for high-priority activities.

Straightforward Business Assessment Part 4: Commit to Action and Set Accountability Measures

Now that you’ve set your goals and re-allocated your time, it’s crucial to stay committed and accountable. How do you want to do that?

Here's a simple framework, "I will ..."

  • Create your Actions backed by I will statements.

  • Consider having an Accountability Partner: Find an accountability partner or coach to keep you on track. Regular check-ins can help you stay focused and motivated. In the Business Building Academy, accountability is built right into the program, from a buddy to your business coach to group accountability check-ins.

  • Track your Progress: The best laid plans in the world are useless if they aren't tracked and adjusted. Feel free to use whatever tools you prefer to track your progress. Celebrate small wins along the way.

  • Review and Adjust: Schedule regular reviews of your goals and action plan. Be flexible and make adjustments as needed based on your progress and any new insights. In the Coach Business Building Academy, we review these periodically. That's the benefit of being in a community where reviewing your business plans and goals are valued and treasured.


If you want to hit your business goals, revisit this straightforward business assessment throughout the rest of the year.

If you are serious about reaching and surpassing your business goals, see if you qualify to join the Academy as a student or in one of our communities, like our Master Mind community of coaches, where we hold each other accountable for our business growth, support one another through the downturns and upheaval and collaborate for joint ventures.

I'm Lizette Warner,

an experience healthcare executive and CTO with years of marketing, and sales expertise. I became a business coach when female founders started seeking my input to help them grow or pivot. My clients get strategic clarity for growth and a partner fully invested in their success.

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