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Do you know where you're headed?

Updated: Mar 6

The end of every year seems to sneak up on us. While this year we can't seem to wait to have this year in our rear view mirror, is your year ending without you knowing where you're headed?

You're not alone. Each year sees new resolutions emerge and die within mere weeks. What if you could put a plan in place and see it come to life throughout the year? How value-able would that be for you?

Where would you be a year from now if you had a clear path towards your goals? The truth is putting the plan in place is the easy part. Coming up with the right goals and steps along the way that you can actually be excited to complete, is the hard part.

I'm a leader development expert working with Senior Managers who are busy juggling multiple competing factors, various layers of stakeholders who have demonstrated to be stellar individual performers but in this role, they learn, 'what got you here, won't get you further'. It's true for any emerging leader. What happens eventually is a struggle to advance and develop professionally. They know they are doing ok but miss out as being seen as the impactful, confident, serene leader that people gravitate towards. They are coaching others, but usually aren't getting coaching themselves. Many times they set business, direct report and team goals but their own goals get little attention. Is any of that relevant to you?

If it is, here's something that might help. I've created a strategic planning guide I use with my coaching leaders to begin to uncover a plan that would work to take the first steps towards their goals. It's a Guide to Strategic Planning for Leaders.

The guide will walk you through the tasks needed for setting a strategy to execute on a plan you can take into planning for your future. This 12 page guide includes

- Your Year in Review

- Your Vision

- Your Mission

- Your Core Values

All my best,


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